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In our modern-day world, there is an incredible interpenetration of languages and cultures between countries. Consequently, communication is a serious business. That's why the written translation of texts is one of TransLink's most popular services.

Written translation, depending on the specifics of the text, comprises two types: specialised and literary.

Specialised translation involves legal, technical, medical, economic and other documents. Literary translation involves works of art, journalism (news, media materials), public speeches and presentations, as well as scripts and letters.

Consequently, each type of translation requires its own approach in terms of work carried out on the text.

Technical translation demands absolute attention to detail and that the original text be conveyed precisely without a single deviation from the source material. Otherwise, the information in the final document will be distorted and lose its value, which may lead to an erroneous understanding of the material.

The difficulty in literary translation lies in conveying the style and the unique mood of the text as well as the author's perspective.

Thanks to its wealth of experience in this field and its highly-qualified specialists, TransLink Translation Agency executes professional written translations to the highest possible standards and within the shortest possible time frame.

TransLink's written translation services

TransLink staff comprises translators with the experience and knowledge base required to translate literary and technical texts on any topic, of any size, and any complexity.

Our employees regularly develop and expand their expertise, which helps them cope with any nuances that may arise.

Our large permanent staff allows us to select the right candidate for each job. Each participant in the translation process has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the topic at hand, which is of particular importance when working with highly specialised texts.

Our specialists have been involved in large-scale and high-profile projects such as the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, the 12th St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the G8 summit, etc.

Our long-standing experience and the high appraisal from our clients allow us to guarantee excellent quality of service.

Cost of written translation

To calculate the preliminary cost of a written translation, all you need to do is fill out a simple order form. After that, one of our managers will contact you to discuss the terms of the work.

The cost is calculated based on the following criteria:

The number of pages (1 page = 1800 characters including spaces).

The language pair.

The complexity of the text.

The need for formatting and desktop publishing.

The topic.

The possibility of using the database of pre-prepared translation materials (Translation Memory).

How fast an order can be completed

Due to the fact that some foreign languages (for example, English and German) are more concise than Russian, the final volume of translated text may differ from the volume of the original source. The preliminary calculation is carried out based on the original source document, whereas the final calculation is made based on the final product. Therefore, the final price may vary by 10-20% from the original preliminary quote.

The language pair defines which language the text will be translated from/to. Work with different languages is priced differently because translations, for example, from French to German are carried out via Russian. This means that initially, the work is carried out by one specialist for translation from French to Russian. It is then given to another for translation from Russian to German. In this case, the workload time expended shall be doubled. Therefore, these services cost more than direct translations to and from Russian.

The final cost also depends on the speed of the translation. The standard pace for written translation of texts is 8 pages per day. If the deadlines specified by the client are shorter than our standard rate, the service will be significantly more expensive.

At your request we can use our Translation Memory databases when working on written translations, which aids translators in their work, thus accelerating the pace and making your order more affordable.

Each of TransLink's clients can rest assured that all orders will be completed in time, to a high quality and in the best possible conditions.

You can use our Cost Calculator service to find out more about the cost of our translations services, or contact one of our managers by filling out an application form on our site.


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