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Video Game Localization


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TransLink offers the full localization cycle: from preparing resources, translation and sound recording to testing and localizing installation packages.

Any File Format

We work with localization kits in XML, HTML, Excel and even just with bundles of text files, all the while maintaining strict adherence to coding and placeables. Our only request is that you provide enough context for us to work with and provide a meaningful translation. What’s more, you only have to pay for the actual volume of translation work, excluding tags and non-translatable information.

All our translations into foreign languages are carried out only by highly-qualified native speaker translators

Video games demand more than just knowledge of the terminology: they require a high level of stylization at a level akin to literary translation. This type of translation requires the synthesis of two completely unrelated skills - native speaker level proficiency and first-rate translation expertise. Therefore, when we work on localization projects into foreign languages, we select translators that possess both these qualities: highly-qualified native speakers.

Translation with fully comprehensive quality control

All of our translation projects undergo a multi-stage quality control system before being returned to the client. This includes the use of both external tools to assess the quality of translations (LISA QA model and SAE for technical translation) alongside with our own methods, which include a translation quality rating system. Therefore, our clients get the highest quality translations.

Game glossaries and consistency

The more vast an in-game universe is, the greater the need for a glossary. This is the only way to ensure consistent use of terminology. Any inconsistency will mean gameplay is, at best, frustrating due to the jumble of names and items, and, at worst, seriously compromised (i.e. in open-world games). Experienced players still remember how the Fargus Studio’s unofficial Russian version of Fallout 2 was inconsistent in its translation of the Super Tool Kit. In some scenes it turned up correctly named but elsewhere it was called a Super First Aid Kit. As a result, a lot of Russian players weren't to get hold of a car. Therefore, we take glossaries seriously. If we get involved in work on the continuation of a famous series, we take existing terminology from previous instalments into account.

Graphic Design and Fonts

TransLink offers a number of unique services including adaptation of the game font (adding Cyrillic while maintaining the original style) and redrawing the graphic elements of the interface that contain text (including alpha channel). We work with fonts in TTF and OTF formats, and use FontLab and other professional font packages to carry out kerning and hinting. It goes without saying that we can also work with textured fonts.

We love computer games and are gamers ourselves

The TransLink team of specialists are experienced professionals and keen gamers. Our team have numerous successful game localization projects under our belt and years of gaming experience. Interplay’s slogan back in the 90s remains close to our hearts: By gamers, for gamers.

Most importantly, don’t forget that localization is not just translation: it includes adaptation too. That’s where we excel!

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