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TransLink Translation Agency, in addition to a wide range of other services, offers the service of the localisation of your material. Localisation involves the translation of the material and its adaptation to the linguistic and cultural differences of individual regional markets.

The localisation of your website on the Internet is the adaptation of its content to the cultural differences of the language. This results in the integration of your website into the cultural and linguistic differences in a modified form but without qualitative loss of meaning. Website translation has its own specificity. A website, including the text, contains such information elements as the main and secondary menu, the page headings, multimedia items and flash animations. To ensure complete and organic website localisation, usually it is necessary to do the typesetting of all translated pages again so that their design, structure and layout do not differ from the original version.

It should be noted that, in TransLink Translation Agency, website translation is carried out by experts who are familiar with the traditions of that country whose language the website is being translated into. In our company, translation and editing are carried out only by native speakers. In most cases, the translators either live or have lived in the countries of the language of the translation. This means that they are familiar with the local conditions, traditions and dialects. After a website has been translated, it is postedited by another native speaker. This is what we call dual quality control.

Software localisation is required in the implementation of international projects on business automation, the design and servicing of customer computer networks, both internal and external. Software localisation requires not only high-quality translation, but also the preservation of all functional characteristics of the software. As a minimum, the localised computer programme should not work worse than its original version.

During the translation process, we engage specialists at several levels. Even the most highly qualified team of translators will not be able to cope with the whole range of work on software translation. This task also requires the work of designers, programmers and specialists on carrying out tests; in other words, it is a separate system in which translation plays only one of the roles.

Software localisation of high quality can be provided on a “turnkey” basis only where there is customer participation. During the localisation process, we will be staying in touch with you.

Here in TransLink, we have a dedicated specialist team dealing only with localisation projects.

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