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Equipment for simultaneous interpretation

Equipment for simultaneous interpretation

Usually, participants of major international events use simultaneous interpretation services to save time, stay on the schedule as well as to avoid the situation when the audience of native speakers reacts to the presenter's speech before other participants speaking other languages hear a translation.

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most difficult types of interpretation. A simultaneous interpreter must not only speak the language proficiently, but also be familiar with all aspects of life, have impeccable concentration skills and some other competencies mastering of which takes years. For the event to be successful and productive, it is crucial to be very specific when selecting interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment.

If the speech the interpreter hears through the headphones is interrupted with background noise and creaks or the sound signal is weak, she/he will have a hard time rendering prompt, high quality interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment must be easy to operate even for an ordinary person not armed with profound knowledge of technical peculiarities and the interface must be user-friendly.

TransLink Translation Agency has all the necessary equipment for the task, including soundproof booths with an interpreter control unit and headphones, a set of receivers for the audience, microphones and speakers.

Our more than 10-year experience shows that Bosch produces the most reliable and high quality simultaneous interpretation equipment. Today we use and rent out equipment only of this brand.

During the event, each participant is supplied with an individual infrared receiver equipped with headphones allowing the user to select the required language on his/her own. To select one of seven available channels (6 channels + 1 channel of the main event language), user just has to switch between the options of the digital receiver’s menu.

Thanks to the specialized digital technologies, the sound transmitted from the microphone to the user's receivers is of the same quality. A high "signal-to-noise" ratio, a built-in adjustment system, resistance to all types of interferences caused by lighting systems assure clarity of sound regardless of specifics of the event venue.


Simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals

Entrusting TransLink Translation Agency with the arrangement of simultaneous interpretation for your event, you can be sure that neither the team of professionals nor the reliable advanced equipment will fail you at the most important moment.

TransLink employees will deliver, install and adjust simultaneous interpretation equipment ridding you of a whole range of organizational problems.

TransLink employees have acquired extensive experience working at such international events as:

- The 12th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum

- Eurovision 2009

- The 42nd World IAA Congress

The 2013 World Student Games.

TransLink Translation Agency was appointed an official interpreter of the Russian Foreign Ministry for the Group of Eight (G8) summit.

Our experience, competences, high-quality equipment and appealing terms of cooperation provide a great base for a thorough preparation for an event of any level.

When you choose TransLink, you get convenient, hustle-free services delivered by a high-profile translation company.

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