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Accompanying Services

Auxiliary Services

In addition to our key services: simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, translation of technical documents, notarized translations, translations legalized with an apostille, translation of personal documents, etc., TransLink Translation Agency offers a wide range of auxiliary services.

Audio & Video Translation Services

Recent intensification of use of audio and video materials for business, educational and other purposes has created a demand for translation and adaptation of these types of products.

TransLink Translation Agency provides high quality audio & video translation services on acceptable terms.

Linguistic Quality Assurance Services

Order this service whenever you need to evaluate quality of a translated text. TransLink specialists will check the text to verify it is grammatically correct, the meaning of the source text is fully conveyed in the target language, the selected terminology and register are used throughout the text consistently and will also proofread the text for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. The results of quality assurance are presented to the customer in a form of an expert opinion.

Translation of Classified Information

Since there are Russian defence companies among TransLink's regular customers, the translation agency is experienced in handling documents containing information classified as sensitive and highly sensitive. Our experience allows us to render services within the framework of military and technical cooperation contracts both in Russia and abroad.

Event Management

When you organize events with participation of representatives of other countries, a need for translation services might arise. TransLink can prove helpful not only rendering translation/interpretation services at the events, but also handling organizational issues, be that accreditation, issue of passes, interpreter itineraries, personnel accommodations, preparation of documentation for the event, arrangement of mobile offices (whenever necessary) or something else.

Document Digitization Services

Some materials are submitted for translation in a printed or handwritten form. Rendering of high quality translation services, however, requires that the materials be converted into the electronic form. Our employees will help you digitize your documents and prepare them for a subsequent translation.

Transcription, Listening Comprehension and Recording Services

When performing a translation, sometimes there is a need to transcribe, listen and comprehend spoken words and record them. TransLink can deliver these services as part of a package or render them as services of their own.

Printing Services

If you need to have more than one copy of the translated document, you can use our auxiliary service to have the translated document duplicated.

To find out how much we charge for auxiliary services, please contact our managers either directly, or by filling out an enquiry form on our website.

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