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TransLink Translation Agency successfully carried out work as official translator of First World Social Security Forum


The First World Social Security Forum was founded by the International Social Security Association (ISSA), which brings together national social security administrations and agencies.

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) held its 29th General Assembly from 10 to 15 September 2007 at the World Trade Centre, Moscow. The main activities of the Assembly included the holding of five plenary meetings. This large-scale event was attended by more than 1,000 official representatives of social security bodies, as well as high-ranking officials and academia from more than 100 countries. The Assembly was attended by the dignitaries invited by the ISSA, including the representatives of the management of the International Labour Organisation, the World Trade Organisation, the European Commission, the World Bank, the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the UN Economic and Social Council and others.

To provide translation services at the General Assembly, TransLink Translation Agency engaged more over 50 highly professional translators. The professional interpreters into English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German and French, as well as the managers and functional managers of TransLink were taking an active part in organising the event and providing translation services throughout the Forum.

The provision of translation services at the 29th ISSA General Assembly was one of the largest interpreting projects in 2007. To ensure the success of the event, TransLink Translation Agency attracted the best translation staff on the relative subject. To help with the work at the event, translators from other cities and countries arrived as well, for example, from St. Petersburg, Geneva, Beirut etc.

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