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TransLink Translates at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009!


The international Eurovision Song Contest has been held every year since 1956 and is one of the most popular non-sports events. The overall audience of the contest, which is broadcast worldwide, is between 100 million and 600 million viewers.

TransLink Translation Agency was the official translator of the international Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The company’s specialists also provided the entire range of linguistic support for the event all the way through.

The provision of linguistic support for Eurovision 2009 became a new milestone in the company’s development. Translation services at this massive music event were rendered by more than 30 professional translators and interpreters with extensive experience in working at world-level projects.

What’s interesting, each song presentation was preceded not by a short video clip, which is normally the case, but by a stylised video collage. At the end of each collage, different Russian words and phrases transliterated in Latin and accompanied by English translations were displayed in big letters on the screen.

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