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TransLink – the Official Translator of 27th Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan!


From 6 to 17 July, Kazan hosted the most massive sporting event of the summer – the 27th Summer Universiade 2013. The competitions were held in 27 sports, with more than 10 thousand athletes from 162 countries participating in the Games.

TransLink Translation Agency delegated to the World University Games a team consisting of more than 150 translators, including 138  consecutive interpreters and the elite of the translation profession – 12 simultaneous interpreters working at the highest level, including with the heads of state.

The Universiade’s working languages were English as usual, French as the official language of FISU, and the languages of the host country – Russian and Tatar. Spanish translation was also occasionally applied: it was when services were rendered to the heads of delegation. Throughout the entire “celebration of sport”, about 50 written translators provided linguistic support for the Summer Universiade’s official website; they also translated all the documentation and a lot of other stuff.

The translators who were included in our Summer Universiade team had gone through a rigorous professional selection process. The level of the candidates’ professional competence was assessed by the interpreting experts who had arrived specifically for that purpose from Moscow. Here are some figures: out of almost 500 applicants who expressed a desire to work at the biggest sporting event of the year, only 138 people managed to demonstrate the required level of professional competence.

It is remarkable that 80% of the translators who had passed the most stringent multi-tiered selection were from Kazan. On the whole, the translators who worked at the Summer Universiade were not only from different Russian towns and cities, but also from Spain, Germany, France and the USA.

The majority of TransLink’s translation team working at the Universiade were under 30 years old, but there were also our most experienced specialists, who started their professional career as far back as the Summer Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow.

On completion of the Summer Universiade 2013, our company received a lot of positive feedback and recommendations for the future work at international sporting events.

The management and staff of TransLink Translation Agency are grateful to all the translators, volunteers, colleagues and partners for their assistance in holding the Summer Universiade 2013. We look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation with you in the future!

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