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Jurisprudence and Law

The accuracy of the legal translation performed by translators here at TransLink is the key to our high-quality translations. Our translators’ precise logical thinking as well as their knowledge and years of experience enable them to convey the essence of any legal documents without distortion or loss of meaning. Here at TransLink, our translators are qualified professionals who possess profound knowledge in the field of jurisprudence and are highly competent in those areas which define their professional responsibilities. The professional and personal levels of the translators here at TransLink along with their broad general knowledge of the world enable them to adequately convey legal information when they perform legal translation.

Translation in the field of jurisprudence requires maximum correspondence with the original text. Hence, the adequate translation of legal documents cannot be achieved without the knowledge of professional terminology both in the source language and the target language. Between the words and concepts of two different languages, semantic “passages” get established, which are used for an equivalent transition from one language form to the other. The translator’s task is to meticulously single out all semantic components in the legal essence of the source text. As a result, legal translation should preserve the meaning of each semantic element of the original, and at the same time it should accurately convey the whole essence of the source text to the target text, maintaining absolute equivalence.

In the translation of legal texts, the translators here at TransLink have achieved unsurpassed excellence. Presently, the translation of the following types of documents falls within their competence:

  • licences and certificates;
  • court decisions;
  • banking and tax documents;
  • constituent documents of legal persons;
  • powers of attorney;
  • apostilles and notarial certificates;
  • contracts:
  • legal agreements, memoranda and opinions;
  • normative and legal acts, laws and bills.

TransLink gets translation orders from highly reputable government and commercial entities, so our translators here at TransLink are accustomed to working in the atmosphere of the highest responsibility. The TransLink staff know exactly how this type of work should be done: our company’s customers are guaranteed the full confidentiality of information and the exceptional accuracy in the translation of legal texts.


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