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Economics and Finance

Economic texts very often contain quantitative indicators, development plans and statistical data, and that requires of the contractor to strictly comply with the non-disclosure agreement. The information contained in economic documentation constitutes a commercial secret, so national economic giants and federal-level public institutions get their translations of economic documentation from TransLink. Here at TransLink, translation is carried out with “mathematical” correspondence with the original when it comes to quantitative indicators, semantic content and the stylistic rendering of the text.

Here at TransLink, our translators follow the present-day economic processes, understand their essence and, what’s more, they even know how to use the specific economic jargon, which reflects various business nuances and subtleties of business relationships. It is important here to see the situation from within. Economic abbreviations and thematic neologisms may create a real translation problem in conveying their meaning to another language form. Some neologisms are associated with the recent events which have not yet been fully comprehended and analysed. A case in point is the financial crisis which is still affecting the world economy.

When performed by TransLink, the translation of economic articles is an exact copy of what the author of the original text conveys but in a foreign language. Here at TransLink, our translators can always carry out for you a stylistically adequate translation of the following types of economic text:

  • all types of contractual agreements;
  • contractual documents;
  • balance sheets and accounting;
  • economic statistics;
  • marketing research;
  • banking documents (guarantees, reports, bank statements, contracts);
  • audit reports;
  • feasibility studies;
  • tender documentation packages;
  • business plans;
  • invoices, pro-forma invoices, goods consignment notes;
  • letters of guarantee.

TransLink carries out economic translations for the leading players in the market. Government entities, foreign and domestic manufacturers, the suppliers of goods and services, and industrial giants get their economic documentation translations of the highest quality at TransLink. TransLink is the “mathematics” of economic translation!


  • ЗАО "Стандарт Банк"

  • Министерство экономического развития РФ

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