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Aircraft and Shipbuilding

Translation in the field of industry, particularly in the field of aircraft and shipbuilding industries, requires the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism. The documentation and literature related to these industries are characterised by a great number of various terms, set expressions and abbreviations. Therefore, it is not enough for the translator to be highly competent in the languages that he or she translates into and out of; they should also be very knowledgeable on the subject of the translation. In other words, ideally the translator must have two types of education, one of them being in the technical field.

It should be noted here that aircraft and shipbuilding translation is a very popular service. Russia is one of the leaders in this field in the global market, and the interest in this sphere on the part of the State and private customers is maintained at a high level.

The provision of integrated linguistic support for aircraft and shipbuilding enterprises is one of the priorities of our company. TransLink has highly qualified staff who will provide translation services with high accuracy and within the shortest possible time. We have been providing technical translations for quite a long time already, and we have specialists with relevant qualifications and experience. They are capable to perform translations of any complexity.

The provision of integrated linguistic support involves the following:

  • Translation of operating, repair etc. technical documentation
  • Linguistic support during negotiations, welcome of delegations
  • Development of requirements for documentation, development of the Technical Enquiry
  • Translation and production of training tools (posters, technical aids)
  • Provision of linguistic support for foreign specialists during training
  • Publication and printing of documentation
  • Provision of translators, selection of staff for overseas business trips.

In the field of aircraft and shipbuilding translation, here at Translink our translation experts successfully work with such companies as Sevmash, Volgatanker, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), UAC-Transport Aircraft, UAC-Antonov, Tupolev, the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Motovilikhinsliye Zavody (Motovilikha Plants) JSC, Russian Helicopters, the Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company JSC, NPO Avrora and others.

Moreover, the TransLink Translation Company is the official translator of a large number of government entities. These include the Group of Eight (G8), the RF Federation Council, the Government of Moscow, the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the RF Ministry of Justice, the RF Investigative Committee, the RF Supreme Arbitration Court, Inter-District Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No.5, President Service, the Skolkovo Foundation etc.

Today you can join the ranks of the happy  customers of the TransLink Translation Agency. Come and speak to us!


  • ОАО «Концерн НПО «Аврора»

  • ОАО «Компания „Сухой“»

  • ГП «Николаевский авиаремонтный завод «НАРП»

  • ОАО «Кумертауское авиационное производственное предприятие»

  • ОАО «Производственное объединение «Севмаш»

  • S1000D

  • ГП «ЗАВОД 410 ГА»

  • ООО "Горизонт-12"

  • Positronic Industries, inc

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