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Industry-Specific Solutions

It is already more than 10 years that TransLink Translation Agency has been delivering professional services in providing linguistic support for government and commercial entities, public organisations and individuals.

Our specialists have accumulated vast experience in providing both written translation and interpreting on a wide range of thematic areas: legal translation, economic translation, engineering and energy translation, medical translation and others.

In its customer relations, TransLink is introducing today a shift to a new activity strategy: from the delivery of translation services to an integrated system of providing language services – in other words, integration into customers’ business processes.

What does that mean? In the framework of integrated linguistic support, TransLink assumes responsibility for carrying out oral (interpreting) and written translations, international event management, the localisation of websites and software products, linguistic support for tour and exhibition programmes etc. We bear responsibility for the end result by offering indefinite quality assurance on the whole package of the provided services.

In today’s conditions of global development, TransLink Translation Agency suggests that the customer should focus on the main processes of the activity, whilst the supporting processes should be outsourced to professional contractors. Thus, a mutually beneficial form “customer – service company” emerges, where some of the customer’s responsibility and risks in the supporting processes are transferred to the contractor.

This approach has the following advantages for the customer:

  • Responsibility – one contracting translation company bears responsibility for the whole linguistic support;
  • Transparency – the customer has full control over the translation company’s activity, whilst the contractor monitors the internal efficiency;
  • Increased efficiency – due to the accumulated knowledge, experience and translated material bank;
  • Optimization of your own costs – increased investment appeal of the customer’s business.

We understand that the number of players in the market who require the full cycle of linguistic support services is limited. That is why at this stage of development, it has been decided to concentrate on such areas as jurisprudence and law, economics and finance, aircraft and shipbuilding, energy and engineering, and the defence industry.

We have standardised our translation services
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