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Master Class by the European Patent Office

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patent.jpgThe experts of our headquarters in Moscow provided linguistic support for the seminar dedicated to patent application handling in the fields of chemistry, medicine, and pharmaceutics in the European Patent Office (EPO). The seminar was organized by the Gorodissky and Partners Legal Company*.

We organized simultaneous translation between Russian and English. The interpreters translated EPO reports on theoretical and applied organic chemistry. The seminar participants learnt about application life cycle in general, and legal standards and practices of reviewing pharmaceutical inventions and inventions of medical application.

Additionally, patent translation is a separate field of translation which combines both legal and technical subjects. Depending on the subject field of the invention, the technical part of a patent translation may refer to any field of science, technology or even art.

*For reference

Following international annual surveys on intellectual property carried out by the British Managing Intellectual Property magazine in 80 countries, Gorodissky and Partners has been annually recognized as number one Russian legal company dealing with trademarks and patents since 1998.


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