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The Technoprom Second International Technological Forum whose linguistic support was provided by TransLink translation agency has come to a close.


Employees from the TransLink head office and interpreters behind the scenes at the forum.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitriy Rogozin spoke at the forum and remarked on the necessity to accelerate industrial and technological development. He noted that unless a bridge is made between research and the mass production of everything that is being invented by the country’s best talents through technology, we will remain in an inert state. This is why a partnership agreement was signed during the Forum between the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Foundation for Prospective Research.




TransLink interpreters during their work and off-work hours.



The commercial director for the TransLink agency Marsel Yerin received a letter of gratitude from the acting First Deputy Governor of Novosibirsk Oblast A. K. Sobolev for the excellent linguistic support provided at the Technoprom 2014 Forum.


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