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Technoprom will speak Chinese

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Thirteen highly qualified interpreters will travel from Moscow to Novosibirsk to provide synchronized interpretation at Technoprom 2014, the second international forum of technological development.t-link_technoprom_2014.jpg

The official translator for the largest event in the sphere of innovation beyond the Urals will be the TransLink translation agency (Moscow).

Four languages will be officially spoken at the forum and they include Russian, English, German and Chinese. The chief translation topics will include space technology, innovation, biomedicine, IT and new materials.

An eastern language has appeared in the Forum’s linguistic palette due to the arrival of a Chinese delegation for this year’s Technoprom.

President of the TransLink translation agency and former Chinese translator Alexey Gerin noted, “Economic ties between Russia and China continue to grow. It is not surprising that an event as important for Russian innovation as the Technoprom will attract representatives from the Chinese authorities. Interpretation services will be of the highest quality and comply with the toughest state requirements.”

Organisers forecast that the Technoprom Second International Forum of Technological Development will gather over 4,000 participants and experts from Russia as well as the CIS countries, US, Australia, China, India, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

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