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TransLink: Records in Sochi

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On 8 February, in the square in front of the Sochi rail station, the residents and visitors to the city had an opportunity to announce their records and personal achievements. For that purpose, the event organisers, translators from the Moscow branch of TransLink, asked the passers-by to write down their records on balloons and wish the athletes success. Foreign citizens had an opportunity to announce their achievements, too. Linguistic support was provided by Reilly Costigan, a US-born English-speaking translator.


One hundred balloons of different colours attracted a lot of attention from the passers-by. Almost everyone wanted to write a message on a balloon. Whilst some wished their country's national team to win and to take all the places on the podium, others wished happy love and good luck for themselves and wrote about their own personal records. For example, a record of 50 press-ups or mastering five foreign languages.





 “Everyone has their own record! And you don't have to be an athlete for that,” believes TransLink Translation Agency's representative Reilly Costigan. “We, translators, do something impossible as well, and, thanks to that, we are now in the Russian Book of Records! Sochi residents and visitors to the city also have something to say!”

At the end of the event, the participants were watching with delight their wishes and messages with their records disappearing into the sunny Sochi sky. Let all your wishes come true!

TransLink Translation Agency was added to the Russian Book of Records thanks to its official record set at the 27th Summer Universiade last summer in Kazan. The main sporting event of 2013 registered the highest number of translators. Experts described this fact as a remarkable achievement promoting the positive image of Russia.

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